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The deposit fee in rental cars is a disaster for every new PCO driver, especially the student driver who picked this job as a part-time one to prepare the student life costs. In my opinion, there should be a plan for PCO drivers who can’t afford the deposit fee. As a result, I keep searching and searching to find the best PCO car hire with insurance and no deposit to share it with all the PCO drivers who want to have a quality car with the minimum expenses. 

Searching about cars is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. When I found the high demand on PCO car hire with insurance and no deposit, I decided to have a deep search on this issue to find the details. The minimum requirements of each PCO car  company is the maximum affordability for every PCO driver! And that is exactly the main problem that needs to be solved.


Imagine a junior university student wants to join a PHV operator to meet the main expenses of a student life. For sure, he or she can’t afford a £500 (this is the minimum deposit fee, for sure some companies may require more) at the beginning of the career. Besides, some companies say “ok, if you can't afford the deposit fee, we will omit the insurance plan of the car and you can rent it without deposit and insurance at the same time.” Well, that’s a little unfair!

So, what is the solution? Finding a PCO car with insurance and no deposit in London to rent! That’s the key! I searched and searched and searched to find a company who doesn’t require a deposit fee. At first I failed to find the correct one and then, I figured out, deposit is as essential as insurance. So, you can’t run away from it, however there is a solution.

During the searches I found a PCO car company website which offered a great deal. PCO car rental with no deposit and insurance while you pay the rental fee a bit higher instead. At first it might look quite an unwanted fee and you need to work more to earn the rental fee, but if you have no deposit fee, it is worth it!

The point is, you can rent any car you want with this plan including a valid insurance. A full electric PCO car, a hybrid one or diesel vehicles, all are provided by this PCO car company without a deposit requirement. The PCO car company I found was G&M Direct Hire that you can learn more about the vehicles. But I was still wondering about something and that was why would I need to pay the deposit fee? In what cases the deposit fee will be refunded and in what cases not? That was another reason to search for more details in this issue and here is what I found.

Everything about deposit fee for PCO car

First, it is good to have a clear definition of deposit fee:

“deposit have two meanings; one means the amount of money you put in the bank account to increase the interest. The other meaning is the money you pay as the pre-purchase, which is not the whole value of the good or service you receive”


But here, in PCO car rentals, deposit fee has a little bit different meaning which is:

“Deposit fee is the amount of money usually required to make a better trust between the customer and the PCO car provider. In better expression, the PCO car provider wants to make sure any probable damage to the car which is not included by the insurance, will be compensated by you.”

Another reason for requiring a deposit fee by PCO providers is, if the weekly rental fee couldn’t be supported by you, there would be a balance to take the weekly PCO rental fee from it.

Last but not least, if you get fined while driving, whether as a PCO driver or driving with personal purposes, the PCO provider shouldn’t be responsible for that. If you avoid paying the fines before bringing back the vehicle, the PCO car provider can use the deposit fee to pay for the bills and fines of yours. However, sometimes the deposit fee be more or less from the expenses of PCO provider, then this will be solved by:

  1. Calling back the rider and asking for the extra money.
  2. Calling back the rider and sending the leftover balance to their account or asking them to come and take it in person.

That’s all things you need to know about the deposit fee of the PCO car rentals.

My final overview to this issue

Renting a PCO car is the easiest way to start your career as a PCO driver, however sometimes a few things can make the recent customers of a PCO car company a little bit confused. In fact, they are confused because it is possible that they can’t afford some expenses.


In order to fix this issue, some PCO car rental companies, as well as G&M direct hire offer you PCO car rental with no deposit. I find these kinds of plans a great way for those who don't have enough money to pay for the deposit fee, though the rental fee becomes higher.

I tried my best to collect useful information beside my personal experience to offer you a good resource for learning more about the specific issues in renting a PCO car. If you are a new PCO driver, I hope it would be useful for you and if you are and experienced one, please add the value of this article by leaving helpful and related comments about this issue. Good luck, and make the best of your PCO driving time!

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