Red Hot Pizza

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Red Hot Pizza

Red Hot Pizza Restaurant, a online restaurant that has no gap between claim and action. in this article, we are going to introduce Red Hot Pizza to pizza lovers. Because for many people, pizza is a "lifestyle" and a kind of "enjoyable addiction" in addition to being "food". For many, pizza can be a medicine or a reward. If you are one of those people who make yourself better by ordering a pizza in times of trouble, or vice versa, When you are happy to buy pizza for yourself and those around you, welcome to this article!

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There are many pizzerias in High Wycombe London that claim to offer pizza in the most Italian style possible! Red Hot Pizza, meanwhile, is one of the few options that has no gap between claim and action. Just head to Booker Ln street in High Wycombe London and eat real Italian and Mexican pizza. In Red Hot Pizza, all cheeses, pizzas and other ingredients such as mushrooms, tomatoes, Sausage, minced meat, olives, onions, bell peppers and etc. are prepared directly from local stores, on a daily basis and fresh. The menu of Red Hot Pizza Restaurant offers a variety of Mexican offerings in delicious flavors and tastes. There are a variety of soups, salads and desserts in the menu to color your order. You can comfortably sit at home, enjoy being with your loved ones, safely look at the online menu of this restaurant, order your favorite pizza and have the pizza delivered to your door in the shortest possible time.

Red Hot Pizza Restaurant

Two points about Red Hot Pizza:

First: In the address that will be provided to you later, we will provide the address of Red Hot Pizza restaurant in detail. The location of this restaurant next to a prestigious Chinese restaurant has created an interesting atmosphere. Neighboring a Thai Chinese restaurant next to a Mexican-tasting pizzeria. Also, the location of this restaurant in Wickham (a high, green, quiet city suitable for choosing a quiet life) has attracted many customers and tourists. This issue has caused restaurant owners to pay special attention to food, selection of healthy and fresh ingredients and providing a prompt service.

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Second: The experienced staff of the restaurant cook different types of pizzas; And they are ready to receive comments and criticisms to improve their performance. They also provide online advice to their customers for any questions about the ingredients of the dishes. There is no guarantee that the pizzas do not contain allergens, so any allergies of customers to spicy substances (some herbs and spices, pickles, anise, black pepper, cumin seeds, coriander, fennel, mustard, parsley) should be reported to the restaurant staff.

Third: The restaurant is in a close cooperation and coordination with acefood; most Red Hot Pizza customers' orders, are sent to them by acefood. We look forward to your feedback on the quality of the food and delivery service, and will send your feedbacks to the restaurant, along with your valuable suggestions.

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Forth: In this article, we will take a look at the menu (with a view to specifying spicy foods from vegetables), address, contact number of the restaurant (for ordering and pre-ordering food, or any questions), restaurant working hours, as well as busy hours and days; With a conclusion.

Red Hot Pizza menu

A compact menu with 11 items. At the top of this menu is the main dish of the restaurant, which is pizza. More than 100 different types of pizza that, firstly, do not disappoint anyone from the restaurant, and secondly, the same high number of pizzas makes customers hesitate in choosing the food of their choice; But do not worry about this, because the restaurant staff will guide you in this area.

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The next item that can be mentioned are starters, salads and desserts, which will color your table along with the main dishes.

The burgers of this restaurant also have their own fans, five to six different types of burgers that are served in single or with meat. A brief example is:

  • Cheese Burger Meal
  • Cheese Burger Single
  • Beef Burger Single.
  • Beef Burger Meal
  • Chicken Brest Burger Single
  • Chicken Brest Burger Meal
  • Chicken Wrap Single
  • Chicken Wrap Meal
  • Lamb Doner with chips Single
  • Lamb Doner with chips Meal

Finally, it is the turn of beverages, that include two types: can drinks and bottle deinks.

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Customers' different tastes also require different foods. And Red Hot Pizza Restaurant pays special attention to this issue. Here is a list of spicy foods and vegetables, but remember, before ordering any food you do not know the ingredients, consult the restaurant staff to send you, your suitable food.

First, as it is always said that women first; here too, it is the turn of vegetarians, of course, with respect to other tastes.

List of foods containing vegetables:

  • Vegetarian: (Mushrooms, onion, sweetcorn & mixed peppers)
  • Margherita: (Cheese & tomato)
  • Vegetarian Hot: (Mushrooms, onion, jalapeno peppers & mixed peppers)


List of dishes consist of spicy spices:

  • Kebab Pizza: (Kebab meat, onion, jalapenos, fresh tomatoes & garlic sauce base).
  • American Hot: (Pepperoni, green chillies, onion & mixed peppers)
  • Tandoori Hot: (Mushrooms, tandoori chicken, green chillies).
  • Hot & Spicy: (Beef, onion, jalapenos & mixed peppers).
  • Mexican Hot: (Beef, onion, green chillies & fresh tomato).
  • Meat Lover: (Salami, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, beef & ham)

And other dishes that we suggest, refer to the restaurant menu.

Red Hot Pizza address

As we mentioned earlier, the restaurant is located in London, High Wycombe, Booker line street. The full address is: 76 Booker Lane High Wycombe London HP12 3UT


Contact with Red Hot Pizza restaurant

To contact with this delivery/takeaway restaurant, follow the below methods:

  • Via dialing this phone number: +44 1494 449392
  • Through
  • By browsing the name of Red Hot pizza in google

Red Hot Pizza Delivery

Currently restaurant has no Dine-in option and contact delivery isn’t answerable. But it Curbside pickup is efficiently works.

Working time of Red Hot Pizza

If you have a desire to order kebab, burger or pizza from Red Hot Pizza Restaurant for lunch, the good news is that the restaurant is open from 11 AM to 22 PM. The restaurant is not closed on any day and is ready to serve at home, office or even in public and recreational places. Let Red Hot Pizza prepare your meal today.


In this article, we provided you some unique features of the red hot pizza, and acquainted you with the menu (distinguished spicy dishes from vegetable ones), address and phone number; along with the owners’ recommendations:

first, for those who have allergies, so they should let the staff knows that, and

second: pre-ordering tips, for the busy days (weekends, holydays and ceremonies) of the restaurant.

So if you are fancy Pizza tonight, pick up your phone, call the red hot pizza restaurant, and with the help of acefood, your wish is our command Pizza will be delivered right to your door this in the blink of an eye. And as always, don’t forget please, after you have eaten, send your feedback to see what you think of our food and service.

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