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The main difference between fake and real members is their activity. Fick members have no activity on Telegram.

But real members have real names and pictures and, like any of us, work on Telegram.

Buy active Telegram members, female likes and also buy Telegram members can help your channel attract real members.

Help your Telegram post explore. These days, buy real Telegram members is a must for any business.

Buy Telegram Post Views

Buy Telegram post views is part of Gold Member's Telegram services.

Like Telegram and visit Telegram posts will help posts go to the Explorer channel and give a better look to your channel.

Automatic liking of posts is also one of our services.

That way you can get automatic likes and no longer have to worry about buy likes for your Telegram post individually.

BTM offers you a safe purchase through BTM dedicated portal.

By purchasing Telegram likes, your posts will be seen in Explorer and will attract members.

Telegram ads

If buy Telegram members and buy likes and is not enough for you, Gold Member offers advertising solutions such as site design and Telegram ads to you dear ones.

Get in touch with us to promote your channel through Telegram itself. Now it's not bad to answer a few questions that are sure to occupy your mind.

 Are the members real?

Yes, but in what way? Some of the member purchase packages available on the website are real members.

A true member means that; The accounts are all man-made and have been verified or verified with a phone number on Telegram, not created by a robot.

By buy real Iranian members from Gold Member, you can help further the development of your Telegram channel.

Of course, real members do not simply mean that these Iranian members buy from your products or leave comments for you.

If you are looking for something like this, we suggest you buy from real and active member plans and targeted member gold member (if available).

But if you want to increase Telegram members as usual, that is, you only consider the number of members with low activity, we suggest buy regular and quality members.

Are the members targeted?

It depends on the package you buy! Some of the members bought in BTM are Iranian and some are foreign and have different nationalities!

BTM website, with years of experience in selling Iranian members and real Telegram members, sends Iranian members to its customers.

After purchasing a member, orders for real Telegram members and Gold Member Telegram likes will usually be sent 10% more.

And if it is sent from other countries in a small number of members, it will be compensated with this extra percentage of members.

It goes without saying that according to the regional and geographical algorithms of Telegram.

After buy member, users from neighboring countries may follow you naturally, who are not our sent members and we have no control over them.

Are the members active?

In response to the fact that Telegram members provided in Gold Member are active, the shortest answer is no!

In the past, our website used to offer active Telegram members in Telegram advertising campaigns.

But recently, due to Telegram algorithms, sending active members is completely impossible! So, forget about activating the purchased members.

But if you do the right thing and follow the number of likes and members, buy Telegram members can gradually help Telegram channel grow and increase members.

How to get free Telegram members?

After purchasing Telegram member from the Gold Member site due to the fact that the members are real (depending on the plan purchased).

If someone wants to follow you, we can’t stop it and the loss of members will depend a lot on your activity.

In any case, we will send about 10% more Iranian members to our customers for free and as a gift, to compensate for this possible loss, and you will receive the actual amount of member you have purchased.

We suggest that after purchasing Telegram members, do your activity regularly on Telegram, and also that your posts have good graphics and content to minimize loss.

Also, the amount of Telegram member loss is mentioned in the packages themselves.

So be careful before you buy. Unsupported packages are not guaranteed to fall, so try to buy approved Gold Member plans that are a bit more expensive.

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