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Making money from the internet is the best way to make money these days for us Iranians. In this article, we want to teach you, dear friends who have decided to start a high-income internet business, the key and effective tips that can get you to your goal. So read this article carefully so that you can move and plan faster on the way to high income.


The first step that is important for you to earn money online is to choose your field of activity. So try to choose your idea first. Of course, note that you have chosen your field of activity in such a way that its expertise and skills are in that field. If you are a site designer, for example, your field of activity is site building. If you do this, a large audience will trust you and this will increase your sales.


First of all, we want to say that Internet business in general refers to providing services and products in the Internet space. This means that if you used to need a physical presence of a customer to launch your products, there is no need for a physical presence of a customer with other internet businesses, and you can attract far more customers online in this virtual world and increase your sales very high. take.


What is Internet Business?

Any kind of selling a product or service on the Internet is called an internet business. So keep in mind that starting an online business is not so difficult and can even start empty-handed.


What is Internet Business? A familiar name that has attracted many thoughts and ideas today, and soon we will see a huge army of creativity in this field and a new and practical job market. Perhaps in the near future, many of the costs of renting a place to sell goods will be eliminated, and the space created in cyberspace in this area and in many other ways will save time and money.


In this article, we are going to teach the different dimensions of Internet business and how to get started right, and the purpose of this work is to create a high source of income for all those who are eager to create a business on the Internet with income. Are high.


Benefits of Internet Business

In this section, we want to discuss the benefits of Internet business, which is one of the best and most promising parts of this business. When you compare these advantages with traditional businesses, you see that they are unique in many ways and superior in some jobs. That is, we have fewer jobs that have these benefits.


Setting up and managing work at home

The first and most important advantage of online businesses is that you do not have to allocate a specific place and mortgage or rent a place from the beginning to start an online business, but from your own home or even if You have a job and you have free time, you can manage your business from there as well.


Special advantages of working at home include no travel costs and no traffic costs. On the other hand, you can sit down whenever you want and at any time you have free time, you can do your business via the Internet. Check out.

Another benefit of online businesses is that they do not use a lot of people to do things. You can grow your business on your own, even with the few people you hire remotely. Start on your own at the beginning and then with a minimum income you can hire a maximum of two employees if needed after the business grows.

Profit at least 5 to 10 times

You will find less business so that in a short time it will also bring you profit. I emphasize that you will at least get this profit for the production of the product, which will definitely be more. Sometimes it increases up to 20 times faster.


Cheap and available raw material points

The raw materials you need for this will be very cheap, compared to the profit margin you get. Some products are also made digitally, which is a great advantage.


For example, when you want to teach an "Instagram monetization course", it is only possible by creating and designing PowerPoint and talking about it. You can also use a collar microphone and speak in front of the camera to show your business professionally.


The impact of low inflation on this type of business

 The impact of low inflation on this type of business


So when your raw materials are cheap and you have a high profit margin, no matter how much inflation increases, it will not have much of an impact on your online business.


How to Succeed at Internet Business

Successful Internet Business


To be successful in your business, you must be a business owner with complete project management under your control. To succeed in this way, you have to be yourself, because no one but you cares about what you want to do. So having a steady income is essential to owning an online business. Competitive advantage is one of the key to success in online business. Paying attention to competitive advantage makes business owners different from others in order to attract more audience.

There are other important factors that lead to success. Doing things right and constantly checking will give you the victory that this victory is to achieve a high income with little capital.


If you want to reap the benefits of online business, you need to emulate successful examples in the field in which you operate and use their experience in the field in which you operate, which will reduce time and costs. Increasing information and knowledge in the field in which you operate will ensure your success in the future. Creating an interaction allows the customer to create your site for you. That is, publish the opinions of the audience and give an answer that meets their needs.


Internet business success factors:

  • be yourself
  • Make money in a dream
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Long-term planning
  • Patterning from successful examples
  • Create interaction
  • Raise awareness in the field of personal business
  • Social media marketing
  • Skills needed to start an internet business

In the following, we want to introduce the necessary skills that you need to start an ideal and leading internet business, because to start any business, you need to acquire the necessary skills before that.


If you want to succeed in this way, you must know the free training and the necessary principles for it or get help from a person who has the necessary skills. For example, if you do not know the basics of internet marketing, a digital marketing expert will be a great guide for you.


Another thing that is very important is branding. When you are a reference for users in your field, they will introduce you and your site to others, and your sharing by your audience is the beginning of your journey to your goal. You should continue like this and have a plan for each day.


At the end of this section, I emphasize again that there is no problem if you do not have full skills and expertise in the proposed idea. You must start. You can get help from professionals while working, but never stop and plan for every hour of your day and add to your skills. You will definitely see progress in your work after a short time.


Internet business ideas without capital

Internet Business Startup Ideas


As we said, this field of internet business is a money-making opportunity for you, a creative person in this field. You who are eager to start a profitable internet business, but you should know that there are various ideas for this job that if you are not completely familiar with it, do not worry at all. In this section, we will introduce you to the best and most lucrative online business ideas.


If you choose a good idea for your internet business, money will be credited to your bank account while you are asleep. With your good internet business in your sleep or travel or wherever you are, money will flow to you through the site or any virtual business you have set up. It does not get better than this.


In the following, we want to introduce you to some types of money-making, practical and famous ideas in the field of free internet business training. This can be your roadmap to happiness.


Set up an online store

You must have made a purchase from online stores once. With the advancement of science in recent years, we have realized that one of the best ways to sell products is to create an online store. It is good to know that having an online store does not require programming knowledge and you can easily and with a few simple steps to set up your online store and achieve high profits in your sales.


Now you have a choice between selling a variety of physical products such as selling phone accessories, perfume, handicrafts and……. Or you may have a specialty to offer and sell it as a downloadable file. Your products are just as easily sold in a store.


Content production

Make money by producing content


These days, anyone who has a hand in the fire of cyberspace and the Internet is producing content for personal or professional purposes. Before producing content, we must first do specialized work and a specific field and produce for that content. If you do not have new content to offer, try to supplement your previous content and update it in some way. This fundamental work makes it more valuable and more useful for the audience.


If you want to be seen more than others on Google, you should prioritize SEO over your content work, but to get them promoted, you need to produce SEO-enabled content that attracts the attention of your audience. After producing content, it can create jobs for you in various dimensions, and even this one can be your main job.


Starting an Internet Business with SEO

If you are familiar with the various dimensions of search engines, you can easily become a SEO or SEO consultant, which will be a lucrative option for you. Many business owners, especially those with small businesses, are unaware of the impact SEO can have on their sales and business.


You can start your own business by providing this ability and using this online space and getting acquainted with SEO success methods. I must point out that this area of ​​business needs constant training as Google algorithms change day by day.

Generate data analytics, content production strategies, and organic content that can have a significant impact on Google results.


Earn money from Instagram

This is the question that beginners ask, is it really possible to make money from Instagram? Well, the answer is quite clear that making money from Instagram is completely proven. If you want to make a million dollars from Instagram, you have to consider double effort, creativity and time, but if you spend some money, your business will prosper faster.


You can sell direct ads on Instagram or sell goods and services, which is one of the best online businesses. Also, sharing from other sites, advertising reputable companies, selling followers, likes, Instagram comments and an everyday work that is stories and likes posts, show the rich world of Instagram. Any of these things can be done on your Instagram page.


Make Money From Telegram

This is another attractive way to earn money. Yes, you guessed it, I mean making money from the telegram. You will not need much initial capital to earn money from Telegram, and you do not even need cumbersome licenses. But in an easy-to-use environment with Persian language support and high security, you can earn money. Of course, Telegram robots will be your helpers.


You can easily set up a telegram channel depending on your idea in your specialty. After launching the Telegram channel, you need to attract followers for your Telegram channel. You must be wondering how should I attract followers to my channel? There are several techniques for attracting followers, one of which is exchange. Of course, you can advertise your Telegram channel on Instagram or web pages. Other ways to attract followers to your Telegram channel include buying followers, producing more engaging content, and holding a contest on your channel.


Sales cooperation

Paid marketing and sales collaboration is another internet business idea. You can achieve high incomes by doing this. This will be an application for someone who owns a business and someone who does marketing. For example, a business owner pays a commission to their sales marketer for each purchase made by a customer or visitors to their website or online store.


In simpler language, if you have a site where the buyer goes to the seller or the owner's page through your site or your link and makes a purchase, the employer will give you a commission for the buyer's purchase, which can be, for example, the Digikala website. He mentioned that cooperation in sales is done in it and many people get paid through this and sell the goods in Digi Kala. One of the most lucrative online businesses these days is sales collaboration.


Build an application

One of the Internet business giants where fewer people are professionals and requires expertise and consultation with market professionals to enter this business, is building a good application. To build a profitable and lucrative application, we need to find a model from the world of successful apps. We suggest that in order to build a business by building an application, you should first define your medium and long-term goals, as well as target users' information needs, and design the budget you want to spend for this work. And consider production. Do you have to consider whether your product has another market example or not? Or at what level are its examples?


The dimensions of this issue are very wide, such as making store applications, educational applications for students and students, union education applications or fashion and clothing, and even tourism applications, as well as applications on social issues and counseling and job search can be in the target community. You are located. Of course, many applications have been created in various fields such as services, news, sports, art or also lifestyle that meet the needs of society, but in the meantime you are the one who decides how your goal of producing applications can reach the audience. Attract more to you and you can make a profit in this regard.


Web design

Here we are dealing with one of the most lucrative jobs available on the Internet and that is website design. Many people have started and developed a successful internet business in this way. You can design a site and get good money for it depending on the quality of the work you offer.


The job of website design is one of the jobs that has received more attention in recent years and a website designer must have high creativity and technical skills to create and design a website.


First, try to visualize the appearance of the site in your mind and understand it to design the site. Now start the design work with the initial designs on paper, then you can implement the etched design in software such as Photoshop, and finally convert the design into code, and it is ready for sale. Of course, this will not be easy for beginners. Try to follow the site design training courses vigorously because this is one of the most lucrative jobs.


Become a freelancer

A "freelancer" is a person who, without the need and affiliation with another company or organization and business, performs his profession and expertise separately for different collections, and according to his expertise and the needs of the collections.

He changes his erfarma whenever he wants. In this method of internet business, he can even have several employers at a time.


This will be very attractive for someone who specializes in something and can offer it on the web and the internet. Here we emphasize once again the importance of gaining skills and expertise in various matters here and that you do not miss a moment of learning and gaining skills.


Being a freelancer and your own master

It must have occurred to you once to say to yourself that I no longer like to work for anyone and I like to be independent and earn money for myself. Love to stay home and work for yourself. In recent years, with the expansion and development of the Internet and the web space and a good head has occurred so that if someone wants to be able to earn money without a physical presence in the company or collection, there is no problem and can do it easily.


Next, I have to introduce the job in such a way that it can do full-time or part-time work for itself and is not specific to a specific place, and it can do its job in any place and at any time. Freelancers are introduced to each other by companies and collections and often through websites and forums.


One of the attractive points and benefits of this work are:

They are their own manager and work freely for themselves and are not reserved for a specific time, even in the middle of the night they can do their job.

They do not need to travel to work and the work time is flexible for them. Also, one of the things that is effective is the fact that there are no disturbing factors for him and he can perform his work alone and hand it over to his manager.

He can easily reach and do his daily and personal work, and this authority increases his action and adds to the variety of his work.

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