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Undoubtedly, anyone who likes cheesy and creamy food is in love with Italian dishes. Well, I am also in love with that type of food so, I decided to have a membership of one of the best Italian restaurants in London next to my work place. Although with help of the internet it is no longer difficult to find anything you want, finding a quality Italian restaurant with affordable prices seemed to be an impossible action.

When you have teamwork, believe me everything goes faster and easier. That’s why I tried to find someone in the office to have the same food preference as me so that we could search for the correct restaurant together. When I was searching for a teammate, accidentally I found a CV paper of my colleague Julia and found she is originally Italian! Why haven't I noticed that up to now?


I went to see if she is also interested in having Italian lunch 3 days a week Italian lunch or not? and she said she had no idea that a British guy may be in love with Italian food! So, we deal with having 6 dishes from a restaurant per week, get a membership and ultimately receive a discount on our final receipt.

The next step was finding the correct restaurant. Julia said she has a friend, Mary, who is great at finding everything she wants through the internet and apparently her office is in the big white building in front of ours. “If you want, we can set up a meeting after work in the café down the street to talk about it with Mary.” Said Julia.

We set the meeting at 5 p.m. and went to the café. Mary came and she looked great by the way! When she introduced herself, Julia said “this is my Turkish web crawler” and we all laughed. So, Mary is Turkish, Julia is Italian and I am British! We were having an international meeting then.

Mary brought her iPad and searched for the query of quality Italian restaurants Northampton. In less than a second thousands of results appeared and we started browsing. While we were searching, Mary looked so interested in the Italian food pictures. I have heard that Turkish people love Italy from all aspects but never seen that with my own eyes.


Maybe it wouldn’t be bad if I invite her to our team and tell her to have 3 Italian dishes per week. probably we could have more discounts as well. Interestingly, she accepted my invitation and now we were about to have 9 dished per week from the same restaurant.

After browsing on tenth of the websites, we finally decided to move forward with Chivitos Italian restaurant which was located in the next lane, 7 Wellington Place Northampton Northampton NN1 3RQ. We took the address and the contact info to see if they will accept our request or not?

When I called the restaurant a man responded “Chivitos restaurant. May I help you?”. I explained the situation and he said he needs to talk to the manager. “Please call back in 30 minutes. Until then would you like to read our menu in detail?” said the man. We requested the menu and he told us we can find the complete Chivitos restaurant menu on a restaurant browser called AceFood.

Wow! It had great options. Here it was the menu subcategories:

  1. Can Drinks
  2. Offer
  3. Burgers
  4. Meal Deals
  5. Desserts
  6. Kids Meals
  7. Wine
  8. Beer
  9. Spirits
  10. Bottle Drinks
  11. Pizza
  12. Extras & Sauces
  13. Side Orders
  14. Jacket Potatoes
  15. Steaks
  16. Kebabs
  17. Pukka Pies
  18. Sausages
  19. Fish & Chips

Well, I fell in love with the menu as well. It was time to call back to the restaurant to see what the result was.

-Hey, this is Mathew, I just called for having 9 dishes per week, but not every day in a row. Did you talk to the manager?

+Yes sir. The manager believes you can be a loyal customer and definitely once you try our dishes your colleagues will join you as well. So, the result is this: every week, after the second order, we will offer you a discount code of 30% for the third order which is valid to the end of the week. you can use the code on AceFood, where you read our menu and free delivery would be another service for you. Would you like me to add you on our customer’s profile?

-Hold a moment please. I need to explain what you said to my colleagues.


Both Julia and Mary accepted the situation and we went to the Chivitos to set a contract. They also said that with each extra dish in the week, we can receive 2% more discount on the third order. So, if the whole company joins us for this event, we can have the third order completely free!

In the end we were happy with the decision. On Mondays, Thursdays we had the orders and Fridays would be the 30% off day. When the first week passed, two other colleagues of mine and Julia joined our plan and we had a 34% discount. I am sure in the coming weeks everyone will join us!

Now, whenever we have our food in the office, the smell of the great dishes makes everyone crazy! Mary also joins us in the office to have her food with us and then she returns to her place. See, teamwork did work!

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