what is collagen powder made of?

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what is collagen powder made of?


Collagen is a protein which is found in large amounts in our bodies. This protein contains different amino acids that our body uses to build connective tissues.

The body naturally makes the collagen it needs, but as we age, collagen production starts to dip and decreases around 1% a year. That is why people are crazy about collagen supplements!

But what is collagen powder made of? Is it safe to take it every day?

To answer the questions above, the following areas will be covered:

Raw ingredients for collagen

The importance of choosing healthy and happy cows

How is collagen powder made

Some tips to choose the best products

Source of collagen

Hides and connective tissues of cow and fish are the main sources of most collagen peptides. In the meat industry, these hides would be discarded but because they are high in collagen, we need to recycle them and turn them into high-quality products.

In the past, it was very common in many countries that people eat all parts of an animal. But today, people tend to eat only muscle meat which is not rich enough in collagen.

In addition, collagen found in hides and connective tissues contains large amounts of amino acids which are not found in muscle meat.

Consequently, to provide our body with collagen it lacks, we can take collagen peptides.

Choosing healthy cows

The most important part of collagen production is choosing healthy and happy animals. When it comes to animal health, the role of law is very important. Ranchmen whose cows are considered, must be restricted from adding additional growth-promoting hormones to their cows.

Another standard that should be taken into account is that the cows chosen must be grass-fed. It means raising cows on pasture allowing them to roam freely. In addition, such cows should not  be treated with antibiotics. This factor plays an important role in getting the most nutrient collagen.

How is collagen made

The tasteless and odorless powder that we usually stir it into coffee, tea, juice and soup is not highly processed! In fact the process is simple:

  • Cowhides are cleaned completely
  • To remove any fat, cowhides are washed
  • To facilitate collagen release, cowhides are soaked in hot, around 90 degrees Celsius water
  • To get the pure collagen powder that we know, evaporation and milling techniques are added to the process


Some tips to choose the best products

There are so many companies producing collagen peptides and regardless of where you buy the product, there are some points you need to keep in mind:

  1. Check for top 3 amino acids

Glycine, proline and hydroxyproline are the main amino acids which make up collagen. Check the label of the product you purchase to be sure that every amino acid is listed.

  1. Choosing the best quality

In order to opt for the high-quality products, look for collagen extracted from certified grass-fed cows or sustainably wild-caught fish

  1. Keep away from additives

Unfortunately, it is common that some product makers add flavors, dyes and preservatives to their products. If you want a pure and natural product, choose the products which are unflavored and made from grass-fed cows.


Collagen side effects

Collagen supplements which are made from fish or cow may result in allergic reactions in those who have allergic to those foods. So if you have allergies, first check the source of collagen supplement you buy to avoid subsequent issues.

In addition, there is evidence showing that collagen supplements are likely to be the reason for digestive problems that people taking supplements experience. However, scientists believe that no serious risk is associated with taking collagen in most people.


Collagen is the most plentiful protein in our body which holds the body together and forms a scaffold in order to provide strength and structure. It is made up of three main amino acids: glycine, hydroxyproline, and proline.

Plants do no produce collagen and the only sources to produce collagen supplements are animals including cow and fish.

The nutrition facts label of a good quality collagen supplement contains the sources from which the main ingredients are derived. Therefore, to get the most nutrient-dense collagen, look for those supplements derived from grass-fed cows or marine sources.

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