Why is website design important?

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A web designer is an IT specialist responsible for the design, layout, appearance, and application of a site. A web designer must be both technically and graphically proficient. So that the graphic design of the site and how the site works. This article will look at the best who a web designer is and what they do. Also, by examining web design portfolios, how can you get information about the quality of the designer's work and how the site design price is calculated? Stay with us.

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To be a successful web designer and leave your web design portfolio, you need to gain skills in various fields. For example, as a web designer, you should learn to work with multiple Photoshop, Sketch, and Mockplus for image processing. A web designer should know technical skills, such as HTML; If you understand HTML very professionally, you can quickly solve your site problems.

CSS and HTML are in the site's development and show you the main structure and style of a page. As you can see in the site design portfolio, CSS allows your site to adjust colors, change fonts, or add a glamorous background.

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How is the site design price calculated?


To calculate the price of website design is priced by considering the facilities for the site and the type of design. Public facilities are a must on any website and should always be. But there are some other features that with these options, your site is upgraded from a regular site and is considered a professional site. To get the price of pre-designed sites, you can go to the web design portfolio section, find the site you are interested in and similar to the request, and ask the web designer for the price.

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Of course, these features are based on the customer's request for website design, and the existence of these options is not required whether the choices that are necessary or those at the customer's request will affect the price of website design.

General features affecting the price of site design

Website design method; There are two ways to design a website, one is dedicated to writing code from 0 to 100, and the other is to use ready-made WordPress and Joomla templates and... Each of these methods has unique features, each different from the other, but in terms of pricing, site design using ready-made templates is cheaper than designing 0 to 100 with dedicated coding. Web Design Tips You can learn about web design methods.

Website design type; Another factor is the type of site design in which the design of sites that are for the company or for downloading movies and songs is different from the design of a website that is for purchase from the site.

UI interface; One of the most crucial site options is the user interface that keeps users on your site longer. The user interfaces directly relate to site optimization, and the user interface means the site's appearance. The site's graphic design should be such that users Are eager to stay on your site longer by looking at the web design portfolio to get the correct UI information.


UX or user experience is the same code that users do not see, but it affects how they work. The website design should allow the user to access all parts of the site without any confusion. You can see such sites in the web design portfolio of the Iran Site Design Collection.

Many people surf the web with a mobile phone. Many people with a laptop, PC, or tablet, so your site should be responsive so that they visit your site with any device that fits it.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

Dedicated features that affect the price of site design

  1. High-speed site
  2. Hosts
  3. Domain
  4. Powerful admin panel
  5. Content and site content management
  6. Ability to buy and pay




In this context, we have discussed who a web designer is and what skills he should have. Also, by looking at web design portfolios, you can find out how the site design costs. You can get the best experience choosing the right site design team by selecting the Iran Site Design Collection at www.iransite.com.

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