Bitbod; A brand which broke through in the Middle East

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Crypto currency has many professionals but a few geniuses and Bitbod is one of them.

Barbod Masoumi Masoumi is a billionaire who could run a business and make it the best during one year. Barbod Masoumi, who is known as Bitbod (bit due to bitcoin and Cryptocurrency’s world and Bod, 2nd syllable of his first name), is the Iranian famous crypto blogger who has made a big influence in the Middle East. Born in Iran, he is the citizen of Turkey and Dubai and by now he’s living in Dubai.

He has been training so many successful traders and market analysts. He’s not just a creative blogger but a pro analyst, a great consultant and a smart opportunist. Let’s see what makes Bitbod and how can a young man in his late 24 earn such a popularity in a short time.


The things which ended to Bitbod

About six years ago, Barbod Masoumi was a teenage who has just entered the university and was a normal clerk paid as much as meet the needs. Once in a gym, working out, he meets a group discussing bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He has no idea what they were talking about. That day and that conversation overheard were the beginning of the new season of his life.

Barod started searching and studying about crypto world which was so hard at the moment considering there was not much information and data about this field esp. in Farsi. No obstacle could disappoint and stop him though. He finally got to know the Greek-British expert on Bitcoin and the blockchain, Andres Antonopoulos. Then, there were no stop for success as well as failure. As we all know success will grow up from the ashes of failures.

After that, he found himself a young man with a huge knowledge about crypto world and decided to continues his life as a consultant which goes very well but was not enough for his ambitious and generous soul. Therefore, he created Bitbod brand and shared the whole knowledge of his with others.

Bitbod introduce many opportunities in the market as SHIBA and FEG that lead many traders to great amount of profit.

 As time passed, Bitbod’s fans and followers expanded significantly. He started from zero and now he’s got about 2M real and active followers in Instagram and Telegram and all happened in one year.

Although he didn’t expect such a reception, Bitbod brand is now very famous in Asia and going to take international attention. The brand has such a popularity and influence that is making a culture of its own very soon.



Bitbod’s achievements


Bitbod, the entrepreneur and business manager, has over 100 highly skilled staffs. His corporation focuses on permanent studying and analyzing crypto and blockchain. It offers consulting services in the Crypto field and try the best to expanding the general and VIP telegram channel in order to increase public crypto information and help traders to grow.

He also wrote a book about cryptocurrency and had an interview with Yahoo Finance in which he referred as the Genius of Crypto world.

He participated in many seminars as orator like Z Generation, Well is the enemy of great and…, not to mention the upcoming web seminar with Elan Musk in March 13th, 2022, his 25th birthday

These days he is dedicating his life to consulting, studying, searching, teaching and increasing his business. He is to introduce more brands related to NFTs, Metaverse and in general all possibilities in financial markets.


Bitbod as a hero

Because of his successes especially in this age, Bitbod is now hero of many people. Although his achievements are the ones in bold, what causes them is the other attractive part of Bitbod and by that we mean his personality.

As said, Bitbod didn’t have an easy life but he made it easy. Maybe he wasn’t rich outside but he was rich inside and that leads him to the current position. He is a man with insistent effort who never gives up, who knows in the deep there is no good in sticking to the old thoughts and knowledge. In order to make, you should first be brave enough to break. Only ones can grow who dare to question their believes and knowledge.

The other admirable feature that made Bitbod unique is sharing. He shares his knowledge with others and do believe in collective learning. Many students have been trained through his social medias. The more people know about the cryptocurrencies, the more the crypto world grows and the more profits can everybody earn. In Bitbod’s opinion, the more you give, the more you receive. As seen, there are many benefits in sharing.

Want to know more about Bitbod, Crypto, success, etc., why not meeting in 13th March web seminar?

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