R09: Who is a citizen in the modern American technopolis?

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Taking an Introduction to Programming class at an R1 university places you at a pivotal point as to whether or not you are included in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) jobs later in life.

Watch "Who is a citizen in the modern American technopolis?" -- at least up until the applause at 48 minutes in. Optionally, watch the response to student questions that follows after that. 

The speaker repeatedly compares Atlanta, Georgia (the city where he works) to Claremont, California (the city where he is giving the talk). In particular, he considers what specific cities have to offer as future locations of Amazon's second headquarters. What he says is highly relevant to our city as well. For reference, Amazon opened an office in Santa Cruz last year. At the same time, Santa Cruz was rated as the fourth least affordable city in the world (behind only Hong Kong, Sydney, and Vancouver).

"Who Is A Citizen in the Modern American Technolopolis?" - Kamau Bobb at Harvey Mudd


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