R14: What language(s) should I learn?

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Read this article discussing 15 different computer languages you might learn: https://mashable.com/2015/12/05/learning-to-code/

The article is written from a web-development-in-2015 perspective, but a lot of the broad ideas apply much more generally.

The "What kind of job are you looking for?" diagram is interactive -- click around. Too bad "create a meaningful, positive impact on the social and natural world" isn't one of the available options.

As of 2015, the Google Chrome browser dropped support for interactive Java in webpages, effectively killing off almost any new development of in-browser interactive application in the Java language. This article makes it look like Java is *only* used for in-browser interactivity when, even by 2015, that was already a rare and mostly only exercised by artists (who wanted to create and share interactive art) and educators (who used Java applets for interactive demonstrations when teaching). Java programming is alive and thriving in the enterprise services world where tens of thousands of developers collaborate on very large systems that serve billions of customers (e.g. in Google Cloud services).

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