Final Exam

  • Due Dec 14, 2018 at 3pm
  • Points 20
  • Questions 20
  • Available after Dec 10, 2018 at 8am
  • Time Limit None


You will need the ability to write and run Java programs to complete this exam. Although some questions are more convenient to answer with Processing, it is sufficient for you to use an online Java programming environment like JDoodle.

You have several days to complete this exam, so proceed through it at your own pace. Take many breaks, and feel free to consult reference materials from the class (lectures, past exams and practice exam solutions, etc.) or outside (wikipedia, random programming tutorials you can find with a search engine, etc.).

You should not talk to others about the specific details of any of the final exam questions while the exam is still active. However, a very productive use of your time might be reviewing the practice exams with your peers. If you are stuck on a final exam question, please do get someone to show you their thinking on the most similar practice exam question (or come to Adam's office hours this week).


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