Seminar in Generative Methods

Seminar in Generative Methods

The seminar meets 3:20-4:45pm in E2-392.


Jan 14 Research Dissemination Tech

Jan 21 Doug: A cool thing we’ll never expect (computer vision)

Jan 28 Ishaan: Example-driven generation of 3D scenes (

Feb 4 Batu: PCGRL (new Togelius paper)

Feb 11 Jim: Cassowary [adam away at AI education conference]

Feb 18 Isaac: Psychophysics [jim away phd defense committee in Amsterdam]

Feb 25 Jasmine: Report from the projects in the generative music seminar

Mar 3 Asiiah: Art, Emergence, and the Computational Sublime

Mar 10 Rehaf: Topic - Procedural Animation (Spore:; new stuff with neural networks:

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